6 Reasons Why We Love Working From Home

COVID-19 has forced everybody to stay at home for weeks now. To stay productive, working from home has kept us occupied.

I have been working from home for the last decade. But now, my wife is also on board.

Thankfully, we both love it.

I’m glad that she is enjoying the whole experience too. So in this blog post, we’re sharing some of the reasons why we love it.

No Commute

Commuting in the Philippines is a hassle.

There’s traffic, pollution, security issues and a lot of wasted time.

The idea of just waking up, preparing for a bit and then in a few seconds we are at our workstation is something we love.

We are saving on gas money too!

No Need To Dress Up

Working from home allows us to wear comfortable clothes.

We don’t need to dress up and do a lot of preparation to get to work.

That does not mean we don’t have to look presentable though.

We just love the idea of not spending too much time dressing up and looking good to get out of the house.

More Time for Each Other

If not for this whole quarantine situation, we both would not be able to see each other this much.

Me and my wife are literally ‘office’ mates at home.

We have more time for each other not only at home but also at work.

Talk about quality time. We have more of it now.

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Flexible Work Hours

Planning to take a nap at 2PM?

No worries. Both of us can take a break whenever we want to.

Going out for groceries on a Monday?

Sure. We can just reschedule our work and do it on the weekend instead.

Want to wake up late?

Of course. We can just decide to start working at noon and then end work late at night.

Plus, we still get to cook our own meals whenever we want to.

Extra Income

In this time of quarantines and lockdowns, working from home is our only way of earning and surviving.

This has been my main job. But for my wife it is a great source of extra income.

Without it, surviving this quarantine would be quite a struggle.

We’re blessed that we are still earning, we can have food on the table and we are able to help out others in some ways we can.

It Keep Us Sane

We are both workaholics and we would pretty much freak out if we have nothing to do.

Now that everyone is forced to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to work keeps us both sane.

It is also a productive use of our time.

Instead of just binging on Netflix (which we still do by the way), we are earning and hustling.

work from home

We are indeed so blessed that we are able to work from home at this time of uncertainty and worldwide crisis.

The least we can do is to also help others be able to get to work from home — should they need extra income at this time.

Here are some resources to help you out:

  1. Our company (Time Doctor) is hiring. You can check out this page for job openings. Contact me if you want to apply and I will personally refer you.
  2. My wife is an online tutor at Acadsoc. You can apply here if this work is your passion too. She would be very much willing to help out.
  3. Upwork and Fiverr are good websites for freelancing.
  4. Other platforms to check out for online jobs: Virtual Staff, Online Jobs PH
  5. Here’s a more comprehensive list if you want to compare your options: 30 Legit Filipino Work From Home Job Sites

Should you have more questions, feel free to ask us. We would love to help you out.

Let’s work from home together!

We believe it’s the future of work and we’re glad that we’re enjoying it together.

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